Chairperson/Cathaoirleach : Alice Doyle


Hi everyone! I’m Alice and I’m the current Chair of Mature Soc.  I’m a final year Economics and Sociology student, and I came to Trinity through the TAP partnership program in Plunket College. I’m planning on doing a business masters next year so I will be hanging around Trinity for another year anyway!
Any questions about college or suggestions for our society feel free to email me at Hope to meet everyone at an event soon!

Vice Chairperson/Leaschathaoirleach : Anita Gray


Hi, I'm Anita. I'm a 2nd year TSM Geography/Sociology student. I am vice-chair this year of the committee. My hobbies include football (I'm a member of the Trinity Ladies team) and heading out on mini adventures (love to explore new places). I'm also an Aussie, so love to get back there as often as I can, which isn't very often lately seeing as I'm living the life of a poor student, I may eventually end up there though so time will tell.

Secretary/Rúnaí : Ben Flood


GREETINGS EARTHLINGS. Bens the name, monopolys the game. I am a third year BESS student and the current secretary for the Mature Students Society. I am lobbying to have my title officially changed to King to better suit my ego. My natural habitats include bed and The Pav. I always learn from the mistakes of those who take my advice. I am a recognised Friends Quiz and Beer Pong champion. I am the voice of the people... Sorry people. This bio is probably outdated, much like my wardrobe.

Treasurer/Cisteoir : Shelli Garland


Hi there! My name is Shelli Garland. I am the current Treasurer for the Mature Student Society. I am a PhD candidate in the College of Education C.A.V.E department and I am researching the effects and benefits of Civic Engagement and Service Learning in Higher Education. I am an international student from the mid-west USA. I am the mother of two amazing sons who are all grown up now. I enjoy cross-fit training, running, reading, traveling, and taking walks with my English Bulldog, Mugzy in this amazing city that I now call home. If you see me around campus, please stop and introduce yourself. I love meeting new people and I'm always keen to have a chat over a nice cup of coffee or tea. You can also contact me via email, as well. . Cheers!

Other committee members/Baill eile an choiste:


Hi, Teresa Trainor here. I'm a final year TSM student, majoring in Jewish & Islamic Civilisations, minoring in French. I'm an Ordinary Committee Member this year, having been Treasurer last year. My hobbies include travel and reading, when I have time, and meeting friends for coffee even when I don't have time!


Hello, David Connolly is my name, I am studying psychology and I'm at the moment struggling through my 3rd year in this fine establishment. My post on the committee is Ordinary Committee Member, but Men's Captain of the squash club in Trinity. Likes- squash, gardening, music, humour, politics. Dislikes, cream, and people going on about what their cat does.


Hi everyone ! I'm Emilia , a final year Law student torn between becoming a solicitor or barrister but crystal clear about my undying love for law ! And while I might still be here for another year pursuing a Master, if someone gifts me with some shiny euro in the future, for now I'm one of the Ordinary Committee Member, having been a rather lovely P.R.O last year. Of course it is worth mentioning or modestly bragging that last year, along with another lovely trinner, I participated in the Jail Break 2015 and to my understanding we were the first mature students to take part in a Jail Break race. And yes we raced but not fast enough to be the first ones in the X location but we sure raised the highest amount of money hence I think we were winners too. Plus we had great craic and extended our stay in the final destination by way of a short holiday so I recommend it to anyone ! My hobbies are numerous : tennis makes me feel like a goddess and the sport list can go on but what's really important is that I love cheese, wine and strawberries and they love me back ! And do kindly approach me if you see me on campus because - why not ?! The End.

Public Relations officer (PRO)/Oifigeach Caidrimh Phoiblí (OCP) : Conor Pyle


I'm a postgrad linguistics student, looking at verbs and their arguments in three dialects of Australia's Western Desert. I will try and keep you up to date on mature soc upcoming events through the website and postering!



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