The Mature Students Society is open to all registered students in Trinity College. Since its founding in 1982, the society has grown in both numbers and confidence. The role of the society is threefold; firstly, to provide support to mature students, secondly to facilitate the integration of mature students within the student body and thirdly (and perhaps most importantly) the society exists to provide a social outlet for mature students. In order to achieve this, the society plans to carry out a number of activities this year.

Previous years were hugely successful for the Mature Students Society. This year we hope to continue building on this success. Events such as the 4th Week Lunch raised the profile of the society on campus. This year we celebrate our 35th anniversary and we'll have some celebratory events. Don't miss out!

Click on the events link to see what is coming up this term.

Attending University is a challenging and exciting experience; however, at times it can also be isolating and stressful. While the academic side of student life is, of course, hugely important, the social side should not be overlooked. Having the support of other mature students, who can empathise with you, advise you or just meet you for a coffee and a chat, is crucial to achieving a successful and balanced student experience. Furthermore, getting to know your fellow mature students offers an excellent opportunity for networking and building up future contacts.

The continued success of any society is dependent upon its members. If you would like to become more involved and become a general committee member please email us at, or feel free to sit in on any of the committee meetings.

We hope to see you at an event in the not so distant future. D.U. Mature Students Society Committee

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